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In this challenge we get AES implemented in a hardware and some kind of SPI interface to access the hardware.

Looking at the code, the FLAG is encrypted by random password every time we access it. Now we need to find a way to get the password or some info about the password which can be useful.
This is how a normal operation looks like.

hwaesThe initial getkey command returns a 16*’0′, which says that the key/password initially set was NULL. We can verify that by encrypting something offline and checking the encrypted value from the service. We can also see that once encryption is done, they getkey command returns a different value – b4ef5bcb3e92e21123e951cf6f8f188e

Searching that value in the net promptly puts us in the AES key expansion, and we know that we have a key/info leak.
Now the question is, can we derive the actual key/password or all roundkeys from the final roundkey?

Well we can!. Before searching much, I just wrote some “ghetto” code to reverse the key expansion.

//final round key
uint8_t s[] = "\xb4\xef\x5b\xcb\x3e\x92\xe2\x11\x23\xe9\x51\xcf\x6f\x8f\x18\x8e";
int round = 40;

for(int i=0; i<10;i++)
	Reverse(s, op, round);
	round -= 4;
	for(int j = 0;j<16; j++)
		s[j] = op[j];
void Reverse(uint8_t* inp, uint8_t* op, int round)
	uint8_t tempa[4];
	uint8_t k;
	tempa[0] = inp[0];
	tempa[1] = inp[1];
	tempa[2] = inp[2];
	tempa[3] = inp[3];

	for(int i=4; i<16;i++)
		op[i] = inp[i] ^ tempa[i%4];
		tempa[i%4] = inp[i];
	tempa[0] = op[12];
	tempa[1] = op[13];
	tempa[2] = op[14];
	tempa[3] = op[15];

	k = tempa[0];
	tempa[0] = tempa[1];
	tempa[1] = tempa[2];
	tempa[2] = tempa[3];
	tempa[3] = k;

	tempa[0] = getSBoxValue(tempa[0]);
	tempa[1] = getSBoxValue(tempa[1]);
	tempa[2] = getSBoxValue(tempa[2]);
	tempa[3] = getSBoxValue(tempa[3]);

	int i = round;
	tempa[0] =  tempa[0] ^ Rcon[i/Nk];

	op[0] = inp[0] ^ tempa[0];
	op[1] = inp[1] ^ tempa[1];
	op[2] = inp[2] ^ tempa[2];
	op[3] = inp[3] ^ tempa[3];

reverse_keReplace with the getkey value after encrypted flag is obtained, and we will have the key used for encrypting that flag. Decrypt with obtained key and we have our flag.

Posted By: Dan
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